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Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Tennessee

Every few minutes in America, another vehicle is stolen. Some cities are more prone to car theft such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Fresno. The metro Memphis area ranks 24th on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s list of cities where cars are most likely to be stolen. You may think it is neighborhood misfits or […]

Top 16 Weekend Getaways in Tennessee

In 1796, Tennessee was the 16th state admitted to the Union. It is unique in that it is only 112 miles wide and is famous for stars like: B.B. King Dolly Parton Johnny Cash Elvis Presley Tennessee is also known for its barbecue and the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Nashville and Memphis are Tennessee cities known […]

Top 16 RV Parking Locations in Tennessee

The RV, or recreational vehicle, has long been a staple of American freedom and movement. The ownership and renting of these vehicles are at the The ownership and renting of these vehicles are at the highest they have been in nearly two decades. There are a variety of factors makes the RV popular. The RV […]

The 15 Best Parks in Tennessee

Tennessee is a beautiful state that many people enjoy visiting. With its picturesque landscapes and scenic driving routes, many people come to the Volunteer State each year to take in the natural beauty and breath in the fresh mountain air. One of the most important aspects of Tennessee that people enjoy is the many beautiful […]

Top 18 Historic Landmarks in Tennessee

There is something about landmarks that makes you want to see them. They are a symbol of history that withstand the test of time. They stand as a peek into the long-forgotten past to ensure that we always recall parts of what once was. In Tennessee, there are several landmarks of interest that people enjoy […]

The 10 Best Mountain Roads in Tennessee

No matter where you travel in the state of Tennessee, you will find a piece of its rich history. Within Tennessee are the homes of former Presidents Jackson, Johnson, and Polk. Historic battlefields and frontier cabins are other historical markers located here. The Cherokee Heritage Trails allows visitors to explore native culture and history. Tennessee […]

What happens when you get a DUI in Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee takes drunk driving very seriously and imposes fairly harsh penalties for drivers who get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. If you have a higher BAC, the penalties are even worse. You can save yourself a major headache and lots of expenses by never […]

The 10 Best Motorcycle Roads in Tennessee

Are you a motorcyclist? Have you planned a trip anytime soon to Tennessee? If so, you may like knowing that Tennessee has some of the best roads for motorcycling anywhere in the country. In this post, we will review some of the best roads in Tennessee for riding your motorcycle or going on a road […]

Auto Insurance for Natural Disasters in Tennessee

Tennessee may be largely immune from the mudslides of California and the tropical storms that can devastate coastal areas, but the state is no stranger to a range of other natural disasters. In 1951, a three-day blizzard buried the state under a thick coating of ice and snow. Tornadoes are frequent, and they can cause […]

Driving Without Insurance in Tennessee

Why do you need auto insurance? This is a question people often ask when they pay their insurance premiums each month. It’s a funny question, in a way. After all, they know that insurance protects them from financial loss due to a car accident or other mishap. Although, you would be surprised at the number […]

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