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The 10 Best Motorcycle Roads in Tennessee

Here's what you need to know...
  • Motorcycle-riding is a great adventure, and you can find many great roads to travel in Tennessee
  • Tennessee roads take you through the Smoky Mountains and beyond and can offer a scenic adventure unlike any other
  • Be sure you have adequate insurance coverage before your road trip and observe the safety procedures at all times

Are you a motorcyclist? Have you planned a trip anytime soon to Tennessee?

If so, you may like knowing that Tennessee has some of the best roads for motorcycling anywhere in the country.

In this post, we will review some of the best roads in Tennessee for riding your motorcycle or going on a road trip with your bike.

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What else makes motorcycles popular?

Motorcycles are popular for some various reasons. There is a type of admiration for motorcycle riders because of some of the famous movies featuring motorcycle riders like “The Wild One” with Marlon Brando and others.

Motorcycles are a part of the culture of America, and they are reflective of the “cool” 1960s era. Guys ride motorcycles more often than girls do, but many girls and women have joined the motorcycle rat pack as well.

Some of the reasons that people enjoy riding motorcycles include:

  • A feeling of freedom and independence
  • Make you look cool
  • Get you into the biker community
  • Allow you to get closer to nature

Some enjoy riding for the friends they make, others for the feeling of independence and freedom. Some cyclists are bird watchers or nature observers and use the opportunity of bike-riding to take in the natural scenery up close and personal while enjoying the open roads.

There are many other reasons that people enjoy riding. The reasons vary between individuals but anyway you cut it, it’s a fun activity for those involved whether traveling alone or in groups.

What makes for a good motorcycle road?

AdobeStock_78189033-1600x1600 (5)

There are many different aspects of what makes a good motorcycle road. Some of the criteria for a good road for riding include:

  • Twists and turns – One of the things that make riding fun is the adventure. Most motorcyclists say that they prefer a twisty road to one that is straight because they can never tell what adventure awaits around the bend.
  • Scenic views – Seeing unique scenery is one of the thrills of riding a motorcycle. You can see things up close more so than you can in a car. Motorcyclists look for unique opportunities to see new scenery so that they can experience new vistas while riding in the open air.
  • Free-flowing – Free-flowing roads are important to riders because you can lose time if you have to ride on a congested highway. Many motorcyclists look for opportunities to ride on free-flowing roads, and they often look for routes that allow them to avoid heavy traffic.

10 Best Roads for Motorcycles

Below are ten of the best roads in Tennessee for motorcycle trips. We think you will find each of these routes unique in what they offer.

When you plan your next motorcycle trip, consider one of these great roads when visiting or traveling in Tennessee.

#1 — The Snake

The Snake is a winding road on Hwy. 421 in Tennessee that takes you through the Cherokee National Forest. There are plenty of great views and highlights as you traverse through Tennessee Smoky Mountain scenery.

It has 489 curves, three mountains, and one valley all in this 33-mile stretch, which makes it a favorite among bikers.

#2 — Natchez Trace Escape

Natchez Trace Escape features 430 miles of straight traveling with a few hills to conquer along the way.

The route is isolated for the most part, and you will not see much commercial traffic along this route, which makes it a good road for biking for its free-flowing quality.

#3 — Roan Mountain Road

Roan Mountain Road features a ride over the 6,000-foot high Roan Mountain from Tennessee to North Carolina.

It is 42.6 miles long and winds around a river and plenty of Tennessee and North Carolina scenery.

#4 — Whistle Stop Route

Whistle Stop Route features lots of roadside scenery that you can enjoy plus small towns and rolling hills and open scenery.

The route is a bit more narrow than regular roads, but the traffic is sparse making it an excellent open country ride experience. The track is 34 miles long.

There are plenty of tourist attractions and whistle stop towns along the way to enjoy on your journey.

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#5 — Highway 66

Highway 66 starts in Rogersville, Tennessee and goes north toward the Clinch Mountain Lookout in Morristown. It is about a 50-mile ride. You can also join this route at Bulls Gap, Tennessee if you want a longer ride.

There are a few twists and turns that are a bit sharp so be ready for that, but overall, it’s a great route for traveling with few surprises.

#6 — Cedar Creek Road to the “Harley in the Sky”

Cedar Creek Road starts in Linden, Tennessee and goes through Marsh Creek Road and Cedar Creek Road. You’ll see the Tennessee River backcountry on this route complete with old farms, a civil war iron furnace, and a landmark known as “Harley in the Sky.”

Every biker should ride to see the Harley in the Sky at least once!

This road is known for its 5-star road quality, and it is winding and curving in places to allow for a fun and adventurous journey.

#7 — Wooded Delight

The Wooded Delight route is located just off of TN-30 E. in Tellico Plains, and there is a wooded area that will last for most of the ride. It is unique due to the canopy of trees that overhangs most of the road.

Be aware that there is a bit of wetness from the river and occasional rain due to part of the road never seeing the sun directly on it.

You’ll have several great views of the river as you ride and there are some great places to pull off and take pictures on the way.

One hazard to look out for is occasional gravel on the road and some of the driveways.

#8 — Cherohala Skyway

Cherohala Skyway connects Robbinsville, North Carolina with Tellico Plains, Tennessee. It is a dangerous route, especially during the winter months and it is desolate at night. It is isolated and void of civilization for at least 40 miles.

It is a 51-mile trip that starts in Tellico Plains and ends in Robbinsville, NC. Road quality is considered dangerous, and extreme caution should be observed due to the windy roads and sharp curves.

#9 — Tail of the Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon route is a hairpin turn road full of twists and turns that lives up to its name! It features 318 curves during the 11-mile stretch, and it is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road.

It borders the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, and there are no intersecting roads. It is also known as Highway 129.

This path is more famous than many of the other roads and is considered a destination for thousands of bikers and sports car fanatics during the spring, summer, and fall.

Another key feature of this road is that is it located close to some other great motorcycle roads including the Snake Road and Devil’s Triangle Road.

#10 — The Trace

The Trace Road begins in Dover, Tennessee on Hwy. 79 and takes you through the Land Between the Lakes. If you follow this road all the way, you will end up in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

The scenery is excellent on this road, and you’ll see a bison range, an 1850s settlement, and lots of lake vistas on the way.

The Trace has many things you can see on the route including natural springs, lakes, and free roaming wildlife like bison and elk.

The road quality is good and features a 2-lane blacktop with curves and rolling hills.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Trips

Well, there you have it! We hope you’ll bookmark this page so that you can refer to this directory often.

You’ll have a different adventure each time you travel to Tennessee by motorcycle if you try out some of these unique roads.

Of course, safety should come first. So, when you are planning a bike trip in Tennessee (or anywhere), consider the following safety tips to stay safe on your bike journey.

  • Wear the right gear – It’s important to dress for the occasion when riding your motorcycle. Don’t forget your helmet always and dress to accommodate the sometimes challenging weather conditions you’ll encounter along the way.
  • Avoid bad weather – Keep an eye on the sky and stay in tune with the latest weather conditions, so you’ll be safe. Know when to find shelter before you are caught in something dangerous.
  • Drive defensively – As is the case in a car as well, you should always drive defensively. Driving defensively means looking out for possible hazards, changing road and weather conditions, and keeping your eye on what others are doing on the roadways.
  • Look out for road hazards – Good cyclists understand the importance of looking out for possible dangers. Survival is the key when it’s just you and the road.

Have the Right Insurance Coverage

AdobeStock_66413216-1600x1600 (8)

Besides following the safety tips, you should also make sure you have the right insurance coverage. Did you know that your car insurance company probably covers your motorcycle too?

However, not all insurance providers offer this coverage. Check to see if your insurance covers your motorcycle and if not, you may want to shop and compare other plans to get the coverage you need.

Don’t wait until you start on your trip. Do it today so that you’ll know you are covered in the event of any contingency.

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